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Camille Charnay - illustration botanique

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Botanical drawing, which brings together my love for drawing and meticulous observation of plants.

I first worked in the field of painting restoration before entering a preparatory school in art and art history. I then studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts at Lyon, and obtained my Master's degree in Arts (DNSEP) at the Institut National Supérieur d'Enseignements Artistiques Marseille-Méditerranée. Two courses in botany and natural history illustration have complemented my studies and have allowed me to devote myself fully to botanical illustration since 2018.

I’m Camille, a freelance botanical illustrator based in Marseille, France.


Drawing has progressively become my main instrument to scrutinize the plants I encounter, and thereby share all the attention I give to them.
I work with traditional mediums such as graphite pencil, Indian ink and watercolour, but also with digital techniques.
Depending on the drawing project, I also use the microscope to observe at different scales the plants I am going to represent.



Drawing is for me a wonderful instrument to learn how to see and perceive. It allows me to explore the flora and have better knowledge of plants.
This curiosity for plants is not only about seeing them, but also about observing them, considering them, making encounters and perhaps try to rethink our relationships with them.
By delving into the details, drawing plants is also a way for me to take each and every person by the hand and say "come and see"!

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I design custom botanical illustrations for all types of projects in the fields of publishing, advertising, press, web, packaging, and in such diverse areas as science, luxury, decoration, education, and many other industries.

I also teach botanical drawing workshops, and have recently developed an online video course on botanical drawing using graphite pencil technique.

I pursue a personal drawing practice, and my online shop is my privileged space to present my universe and sell my original artworks, but also to organize ephemeral sales of art prints : boutique.camillecharnay.com

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