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Series of digital photographs in large formats, taken between 2015 and 2018 in the Lot area, in south-west France.

By displaying a natural landscape that we are looking at from the inside, almost completely foregoing the usual landmarks on the ground, in the sky and on the horizon, this photographic series attempts to apprehend the sensation of the density of a lush forest and its undergrowth.  At the same time, it creates a paradox between that dense lushness and the flat image that represents it.

The large-format prints reveal interlacing details, the lines of branches that cross each other and form a luxurious flora that is reshaped by the thickness of the mosses. As we look at the surface of the photographic print, we try to make our way through the entanglement of the branches, although we are constantly caught up in the flatness of the photograph itself.


This immersive wandering experience then gives way to framings of the subject that bring to mind both a view of what is out-of-frame and an imagined reverse-angle view, thereby de-framing the landscape by allowing us to expand beyond its original frame.

exposition art photographie nature photography exhibition
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