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Herborisation  Microphotography  Macrophotography  Botanical drawings

Through an interdisciplinary and open approach, this work seeks to revendicate a certain way of doing research, one at the intersection between fine arts and bryology. Playing on the ambivalence of the French term Herbier, which refers both to the collection of dried plants and to a book that only includes descriptions of plants.

The work brings together a collection of real moss specimens which are juxtaposed with their artistic representations that may include different techniques and scales.

Each moss specimen is thereby displayed with a group of images that depict as many different approaches and reformulations of their reality. These images make it possible to reveal some of their aspects or specific details, but also their potential variations and differences. The images are thus here not to evoke a missing specimen but rather to complement that specimen, thereby articulating presentation and re-presentation of the mosses.

This opens up a new field of interrogation, one that questions the obviousness of our perception of reality. Thus, how is one to make things visible? By drawing them? By describing them? By taking pictures of them? Which mechanisms can allow images to become a form of mediation, pointing out what is beyond our perception? All of these questions lead us to reconsider the role of representation and its inherent systems, notably within the field of botany.

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